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Discover a whole new world of luxury with linen made from the finest cotton.



Rateria's has been in the hospitality industry for more than 30 years.

Welcome to Rateria
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Rateria was founded in 1980, we are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of QUALITY home textile furnishings and carpets. We have developed a distinctive international style which celebrates both India’s heritage and worldwide designs and trends in home fashion.
Our experienced and dedicated team of designers and merchandisers are committed to provide exceptional customer service and ensure that our customers get the best product at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on proving timely deliveries.
Being firmly established in the hospitality industry, we are now focussing on growth in exports and creating exclusive products which for our customers will mean innovative designs, excellent quality and better value.

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At Rateria.com you can easily navigate to view a wide variety of our latest designs, to see them please take a moment to register with us.


Furnishing Fabrics

We have a wide and extensive range of furnishing fabrics in silks, jacquards, chenille and cotton. We have more than 500 exciting designs for you to choose from, each available in more than one colorway. We can also design and develop fabrics specific to your needs.

Bathroom Linen

Add luxury to a bathroom with our soft, plush towels. Relax and pamper yourself with our Bath Linen collection which includes bath towels, pool towels, bathrobes, bathmats, hand towels, shower curtains etc.

Bed Linen

Discover a whole new world of luxury with linen made from the finest cotton. Our Bed Linen collection includes sheets (plain colours, stripes, dyed and printed in 200 to 400 thread count), pillow cases, duvets, mattresses, mattress protectors, etc.

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